Junxure Starting Point Series

Junxure Starting Point Series

Whether you are entirely new to the system or moving on from Junxure Desktop, it’s easy to feel lost in all the possibilities Junxure offers. The Junxure Starting Point Series is designed to give you a place not just to start, but provide an entire roadmap you can follow to master Junxure’s fundamental features and learn some of the best ways to use the system. Centralize your client information and interactions and drive transparency and improved communication within your firm.

Classes are available on demand through the links below:

Session 1: System Navigation and Records


Learn how to navigate Junxure effectively with time-saving tips and shortcuts. Then, a close look at the foundation of all information stored in Junxure: the Record.

Session 2: Actions Overview


Actions help you keep on top of everything you’re doing for your clients and let you see everything that has been done. Learn what they are and how to use them so you never miss anything.

Session 3: System Setup


No two firms use Junxure exactly the same. Take a dive into the settings and options available in Junxure to custom-fit the system just for your use.

Session 4: Grids and Searching


Information stored in Junxure only has value if you can pull out what you need when you need it. Learn about basic reporting tools offered by Junxure such as customized Grids, Search functions, and other reporting options.

Session 5a: Managing Emails in Junxure (Exchange)


Digital Communication, especially email, is a very common way to stay in touch with your clients. This class will show you how Junxure integrates with your email when you are using the Microsoft Exchange. You will learn system set up, management and how to email from Junxure.

Session 5b: Managing Emails in Junxure (Microsoft 365)


Digital Communication, especially email, is a very common way to stay in touch with your clients. This class will show you how Junxure integrates with your email when you are using the Microsoft 365 Integration. You will learn system setup, management and how to email from Junxure.

Session 6: Workflow Tools


In this class you will learn about creating single and multi-step Workflow Templates to help you consistently and efficiently manage your processes.

Session 7: Documents and Correspondence


Learn how to store important client documents in Junxure and then take a look at the document-creation tools that allow you to build one-off correspondence or templates for easy, personalized mass-communication.

We encourage every new Junxure user to participate regardless of role. This series is complimentary with your Junxure Subscription.

Next Steps

Finished the basics and looking to learn more? Check out our regularly-held Ongoing Education Classes or recordings of these other recommended classes to go even further.

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