New User Training Guide

New User Training Guide

Are you totally new to Junxure? Have no clue what a Record or an Action is? Not even sure what you need to learn about to be successful in your CRM? Or maybe you just wish you knew Junxure better than you do.

This is the place for you.

Here you’ll find a guided path that will start you with the very basics of Junxure and teach you the parts everyone should know.

Take a look at the overall plan below and jump in where you feel the most comfortable. If you’re not sure, just go ahead and start at the beginning.

You’ll find that this path closely mirrors our complimentary Starting Point training series.

Module 1: Orientation

Overview of the Junxure Structure

Get a brief, 10,000ft view of Junxure to see what the pieces are and how they relate so that you can understand the context of each component as you learn more about them below.

General Navigation

Learn where you can go in Junxure and more importantly, how to most effectively get there to reduce clicks and get where you need to go faster.

Module 2: Basics for Any Role


Learn about the heart of Junxure: how it is structured, what data can be kept in it, and how to effectively find information for a Record.


Dig into using Actions consistently and effectively so nothing for a client is overlooked and everything you’ve already done is remembered.

Grids and Searching

Learn about the tools Junxure has to help you see and find your data most effectively.

Module 3: Mid-level Features

Email and Calendar

Learn how Junxure can connect with your existing email and calendar features to provide you with the ability to see, track, and send communication directly from within Junxure.

Workflow Tools

Learn the Junxure concept of Workflow (connected Actions) and then create single or multi-step Workflow Templates to keep practices consistent and manage processes efficiently.

Documents and Correspondence

Learn about document storage and personalized, printed mass-communication options available.

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