Junxure Training Resources

Junxure Training Resources

Are you totally new to Junxure? Or do you just feel you could be using it better? The Junxure Training Team has resources available for both new and veteran Junxure users alike. Take a look below at how our team can help you harness Junxure more effectively.

Brand New?

Watch the Junxure Starting Point Series

A series of eight classes designed to get you up to speed with the essentials you need to use Junxure effectively. Available monthly as regularly scheduled classes. If you're totally new, this is your starting point.

Try it Yourself

Check Out the Walkthroughs

Right within Junxure are guided tours designed to show you how to use some of the most essential system functionality. In Junxure, click the help icon in the upper-right corner and open the Walkthroughs section from the launcher to see what’s available.

Ready for More?

Explore the New User Training Guide

A guided series of documentation and short videos give you a tour of the entire framework of Junxure. We’ll start with a bird’s-eye view to see the primary features of Junxure and how they interact. Then, we’ll dive in and look at the details you need to know for each one of those features.

Expand Your Learning

Register for Ongoing Education Classes

or View Previous Class Recordings

Our Junxure Consulting and Training Team offers complimentary Ongoing Education classes on more advanced features within Junxure. Learn how to impact your firm’s day-to-day business by applying these powerful functions to get the most out of your CRM.

Just for You

Private Training

Still want more? Junxure offers paid private training services customized for your firm, starting at $350/session (about an hour). Contact training@junxure.com to schedule your free discovery call and determine your training needs.

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