New User Module 3-3: Documents and Correspondence

New User Module 3-3: Documents and Correspondence

Documents Overview

Learn about document storage in AE CRM. Documents Overview

Adding Documents

Learn how to get documents into a Record.

Uploading Documents

Creating New Documents

Managing Documents and Folders

Learn how to maintain your document library and organize documents effectively.

Global Document View

Add, Edit, or Delete Document Folders

Online Document Editor

If you skipped this section in Module 3-1, or need a refresher, learn about the Online Document Editor used in emails, letters, and general document editing.

Online Document Editor

Common and Helpful Merge Fields

Inserting the Current Date and Time

Printed Correspondence

Learn here about different ways to generate personalized, printed correspondence within your CRM.

Creating Single Letters

Creating Mass Letters

Creating a Single Envelope or Label

Creating Mass Envelopes or Labels

Corresponding with Clients for Birthdays

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