Captured Emails Are Creating Unwanted or Incorrect Actions

Captured Emails Are Creating Unwanted or Incorrect Actions

Emails captured by Junxure may have Actions associated with them. However, you can control which Workflow Template is used when the email is captured, an if using the Office 365 email integration, can control whether an Action is created at all. The Workflow Template selected affects whether the Action has Action Required or to whom the Action is assigned.

If you are getting undesired behavior from captured emails, check your templates assigned to email capturing.

Check the settings for your Workflow (Action) Templates based on your email setup:

You can either select another Workflow Template, or you can return to Junxure and edit the selected Workflow Template to adjust the undesired behavior. Again, in the case of Office 365, you may also disable the creation of Actions with email capture altogether.

Note that this setting is per-user.

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