Deceased or Ex Clients

Deceased or Ex Clients

There are many tasks to be handled after a client passes away. Below are tips and recommendations to help you properly process some of these details in Junxure.

Client with No Spouse

Record Summary changes:

  • Remove Classification of Client, add classification of Ex-Client.
  • Remove Classification of Email if listed.
  • Add a Record Tag of Deceased ‑ Client.
  • Select the No Mail checkbox.
  • Review all Tags and remove any that no longer apply.
  • Remove the Service Level from the Record if using the Service Monitor.
  • Add an Alert to the Record calling attention to deceased status.

Action Changes

  • Review Recurring Action Definitions and set the End By date so they no longer recur.

Profile > Contact Info > Basic Information changes:

  • Clear the Birthday List checkbox if selected.
  • Select the Deceased checkbox.
  • Enter Date of Death (shows only after checkbox is selected).

Profile > Engagement changes:

  • Enter the Termination Date as date of death.
  • Enter the Termination Reason as Deceased.
  • Enter the Termination Amount.

Client with Surviving Spouse

Record Summary changes:

  • Change Record Name to include (deceased) after the deceased’s name. Example: Andrews ‑ George & Sally (deceased).
  • Add an Alert to Record noting spouse is deceased.
  • If using the Service Monitor, review the services on the Record and adjust anything specific to the deceased.

Action Changes

  • Review Recurring Actions Definitions related to the deceased and set the End By date so they no longer recur.

Profile > Contact Info > Basic Information changes:

  • Change Relationship to Record to Deceased.
  • Clear the Birthday List checkbox if selected.
  • Select the Deceased checkbox.
  • Enter Date of Death (shows only after checkbox is selected).
  • Change the Marital Status for the surviving spouse. 
  • If Person 1 is deceased, move Person 2 to the Person 1 spot on the Record. Use the Make Person 1 link at the bottom of Person 2 while editing Basic Information.

Profile > Contact Info > Phone, Mailing Address, Email changes:

  • Update the Dear field and Mailing Name field for Record Addresses so correspondence is no longer addressed to the deceased.
  • You will want to edit or remove any email addresses, phone numbers, or addresses that were specifically for the deceased, including making the surviving spouse’s contact information primary for the Record.


In the event that the surviving spouse remarries, we recommend loosely following the procedure for Divorced Client - When Only One Remains a Client, and adding the new spouse onto the new Record created in this process.

Tip: For added automation, create a Workflow Template or two that delegates and tracks all tasks that need to be completed when a client passes away so nothing is overlooked.
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