Viewing Birthdays by Month

Viewing Birthdays by Month

Junxure has two means for viewing Birthdays, the Birthday tool and the Birthday List report.

Note: To appear on the Birthdays tool or Birthday List report, the Person must have a Date of Birth entered and the Birthday List box checked in their Basic Information profile.

Birthdays Tool

The Birthdays tool presents a Grid of client birthdays by month and can be used from there to generate bulk correspondence or Actions for those clients.

  1. Navigate to the Record Workspace.
  2. Click Tools > Birthdays. The Birthdays tool will open to the current month.
    • Use the Month drop-down to select another month to view as needed.
    • Use the Add Action drop-down to create Actions for selected Records.
    • Use the Email or Document drop-downs to create Birthday correspondence for the selected Persons. Corresponding from the Birthday tool functions differently than other areas of Junxure. See Corresponding with Clients for Birthdays for full details of the differences.
    • Use Grid Features as needed to further filter the list.

Birthday List Report

The Birthday List report is accessible from the Reports drop-down in the Record Workspace. The report returns a printer-friendly list of all Birthdays entered for the selected month.

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