Making Mass Changes to Actions

Making Mass Changes to Actions

Junxure features a tool that allows you to make mass changes to certain Action fields, saving the need to edit each Action individually.

The Action Data Change Tool allows edits to the following Action fields:

  • Action Tags
  • Category
  • Completed
  • Priority
  • Type
Tip! Looking to change the Assigned To, Completed By, or Entered By fields? Try the Reassign Actions Tool.

Making Mass Changes to Actions

  1. Navigate to the Action Workspace.
  2. Click Tools > Action Data Change Tool.
  3. Select the Actions to change using the Grid below. You can apply Grid Filters and/or Searches to help narrow your data if need be.
  4. Choose the field to make changes to from the first drop-down.
  5. Specify how you want to change the data in the field. This process will vary depending on the field you are editing.
    • For changes to Action Tags:
      1. Select whether to Add a new item or Remove a current item.
      2. Specify which item to add or remove.
    • For changes to Category, Priority, or Type:
      1. Select whether to change the existing entry to something else (use Add) or Remove (clear) the current entry.
      2. If changing, specify the new value. If removing, no further entry is needed.
    • To mark Actions Completed, simply select Completed from the drop-down. Note the exceptions before you proceed; the success message at the end will not account for these exceptions.
  6. Click Apply Change(s).
Note: Made a mistake? You may also use the tool to revert mass changes for up to seven days, except changes made to Completed. See Reverting Mass Action Changes.

Deleting Actions in Bulk

It is possible to delete up to 50 Actions at a time from any Action Workspace Grid. Only Actions without pending child steps may be deleted with this method. It will also remove any existing Alerts or FYIs attached to the deleted Actions.

  1. Navigate to any Action Workspace Grid.
  2. Select up to 50 Actions to delete.
  3. Click Tools > Bulk Action Delete.
  4. Carefully read the warnings and click Proceed when ready.

You will be notified how many of the selected Actions were successfully deleted.

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