Reassigning Actions in Bulk

Reassigning Actions in Bulk

The Reassign Actions Tool allows you to reassign User-related fields such as the Assigned To or Completed By field from one User to another within the firm. For example, if an employee leaves the company, this will allow you to reassign his/her Actions to a different User. This tool also allows you to reassign Recurring Action Definitions, Workflow Templates, and Opportunities.

Changes cannot be undone once submitted. Do not use this tool if you need to reassign Actions on a temporary basis such as an employee on vacation or medical leave. See below for an alternative.
  1. Launch the Reassign Actions Tool from Actions Workspace > Tools > Reassign Actions Tool.
  2. Set the Find this User drop-down.
  3. Set the Change to this User drop-down.
  4. Specify which fields on which items to change in the four available areas. You can make changes to any combination of areas.
    • For these non-recurring Action fields: Will affect all regular Actions in your database. Specify whether the changes should affect Completed or Incomplete Actions. To change all Actions, check both boxes.
    • For these recurring Action fields: Will affect all Recurring Action Definitions in your database.
    • For these Workflow Template User fields: Will affect all Workflow Templates in your database.
    • For these Opportunity fields: Will affect all Opportunities in your database.
  5. Once your options are set correctly, click Change Fields to proceed. You will be asked to confirm the change.
If you need to monitor an employee’s Actions on a temporary basis such as for a vacation, see Viewing Another User’s Pending Actions instead.
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