Creating Single Letters

Creating Single Letters

Launching the Correspondence Editor

You can begin drafting an individual letter from multiple areas of Junxure. Options include:

  • Select a single Record from the Record Workspace. From the toolbar, choose Document > Letter.
  • From within a Record, choose Document > Letter from the toolbar.

The Correspondence Assistant - Letter editor will load in Junxure’s online Document Editor.

Using the Correspondence Assistant

The Correspondence Assistant carries over all the functions of Junxure’s standard online Document Editor, with some features added specifically for composing a letter. Features of the document editor unique to creating a single letter include:

Create Labels & Envelopes
Merge and download a Microsoft Word document formatted for printing on labels or an envelope. This can also be done as part of the final merge and save process below.

Review/Change Recipient(s)
By default the Merge data is directed at the Record Primary address. Use this button to change the intended recipient to another address on the Record. All Record-based Address merge fields will pull from the address you select here instead of the Record Primary address if you change this option.

If you are unfamiliar with the standard features of the online Document Editor, please review the documentation on its advanced features, including pasting content, using merge fields, and loading templates.

Creating a Single Letter

  1. Draft the content of your letter.
  2. When your letter is entirely prepared, click Merge & Save.
  3. Decide whether to create an Action regarding this letter. If so:
    1. Click the checkbox for Add Action to Records Using.
    2. In the following drop-down, select the Workflow Template to use for the created Action. Only Active, single-step Workflow Templates can be used. (If you want this template to be pre-selected for Letter Actions, click the Default checkbox.)
    3. If any additional detail is needed, click Edit Action to enter more information about this letter in the Action.
  4. Decide whether to create a Recipent List, and name the list appropriately if so. Note that the letter will not appear in Correspondence History unless this option is selected.
  5. If you need envelopes or labels to go along with the letter, check the Add an Envelope or Label checkbox and select the appropriate template from the drop-down.
  6. Choose how the letter will be stored in the documents section of the Record. At minimum, you must enter a File Name.
    • It is recommended to also populate the Description, Type, and Tags to provide context for the communication in the future.
  7. Click Merge & Save to save the Action, fill any merge fields, and begin preparing the letter.

You will receive a System Alert when the merged document is complete. The System Alert will contain a download link to your merged document. It will also have links to your recipient list and/or envelope/label document if you chose to create either.

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