Setting or Changing Your Email Signature

Setting or Changing Your Email Signature

Junxure has the ability to pre-fill your signature in any email you create within the Correspondence Editor.

Prior to enabling this feature, you will need to create a document containing your signature content. Acceptable file formats are: docx, doc, pdf, rtf, txt, and html (or htm).

Enabling and Setting your Email Signature

  1. From within Junxure, navigate to User Profile > User Preferences.
  2. Click Edit to begin making changes.
  3. Select the checkbox for the Email Signature line to enable the Email Signature feature.
  4. Click Setup on the same line to open the Email Signature Setup dialog.
  5. Click Choose File and navigate your PC for the file mentioned above that contains your signature.
  6. Click Ok on the Email Signature Setup dialog and then Save on the User Preferences page to commit your changes.

The email signature will now pre-fill when you use the Correspondence Editor to Send a Single Email or Send a Mass Email within Junxure.

Loading a Template from within the Correspondence Editor will remove the signature and load only the content of the Template. Use the Insert Signature button to add your signature to the appropriate location within the document.

Changing Your Email Signature

Once enabled, you may adjust your email signature at any time by following the steps above again and uploading a different file.

You may also access the Email Signature Setup dialog from within the Correspondence Editor while creating an email by clicking the Upload Email Signature button in the ribbon.

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