Primary Contact Info Report

Primary Contact Info Report

AdvisorEngine CRM is designed to allow each Record, Person 1, or Person 2 to have their own entries of each kind of contact info (phone, email, or address). For each kind of Contact Info that a point of contact (Record, Person 1, or Person 2) has, one and only one of them must be marked as Primary. A proper Primary setting is necessary especially for Mail Merge and Birthday Tool operation. (For a more in-depth understanding of how AE CRM stores contact information, please see Contact Info Overview.)

The Primary Contact Info report checks your CRM database Records to see if there are any Contact Info entries that do not meet these criteria for Primary designations. It will return any occurrence where a point of contact does not have a Primary assigned, or where it has more than one Primary assigned for a particular kind of contact info. Once these errors have been identified, you will be able to edit the contact info to correct the errors.

This report will return all Records with problems. The Record itself may not look like it has errors, but the report is accurate. You must edit the contact info listed in the report and save to fix the issues (even if that just means clicking Edit and then Save). If you run the report and a Record is listed, it is still not corrected.

Running the Primary Contact Info Report

To run a report and see all Records with Primary designation errors, complete the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Records Workspace.
  2. Click Reports > Data Maintenance > Primary Contact Info.

Depending on the size of your database, the report may take some time to generate.

Analyzing the Primary Contact Info Report

The Primary Contact Info report will return results for two cases of errors. Either the kind of contact info for the point of contact has multiple primaries or it has no primary. Which case it is will be shown by whether the primary box is checked on the report.

The following parts of the report will identify where a correction needs to be made:

  1. The Record that the data occurs in.
  2. The point of contact (Record, Person1, or Person2) that the contact info belongs to.
  3. The kind of contact info that needs correction.

For example, in the above screenshot we can see that on the Andrews - George and Sally Record, Person 1, George Andrews, has two addresses belonging to him that are marked as Primary, and this is an error. Once you know which Record, point of contact, and kind of contact info needs fixing, you will be able to proceed to making corrections.

In the event that there are no errors around the Primary Contact Info designation, the report will return the following result:

Correcting Contact Info Primary Errors

Using the information from the Primary Contact Info report, navigate to the Record and kind of Contact Info that needs correction.

In the case that a point of contact has multiple entries marked Primary for the kind of contact info, edit and deselect Primary for all but one for that point of contact.

In the case that the point of contact has no entries marked Primary for the kind of contact info, edit the one you want to be the Primary and select the Primary checkbox.

Again, it is possible that what shows in the Record is not the same as what the Primary Contact Info report indicates. The Report data is accurate. Where there is a discrepancy, edit the Record contact info according to the Report, even if it looks correct already. Editing and Saving will push the correct Primary state to the database.

An edge case that may be encountered is blank contact info marked primary. This will show in the report as below.

There is no need to correct any data for this contact info. These blank entries will be removed by the CRM automated data cleanup when it is run.

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