Linking Assets to Actions

Linking Assets to Actions

Like many other components of Junxure, Assets may be linked to an Action to easily access data about the Asset when reviewing the Action. Please see Linking Items to Actions for general details on how linked items work.

To link an Asset to an Action:

  1. Open the Action in Edit mode.
  2. Click Assets in the Linked line.
  3. If the Linked line is not visible, ensure that your view is set to the Detailed tab on the right.

  4. Click Add to locate and link the existing Asset to the Action.
  5. Use the Asset Name drop-down to select the Asset to link to the Action.
  6. At the end of the linked item row, click the Add command to commit the new linked item.

Once you have added a linked Asset, you may use the Command icons within the row to Edit the link , Delete the link , or Open the Asset linked.

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