Constant Contact: Features Overview

Constant Contact: Features Overview

After you’ve Enabled the Integration and Synchronized Your Databases, you’re ready to take advantage of the features that the Constant Contact integration has to offer. Read below for a list of the advantages of the integration and how to utilize them.

Opted Out Automation Feature

Once a Person is linked to a CC Contact, AdvisorEngine CRM will monitor the CC Contact to see if they opt out of your email campaign. The status will be updated in the CRM daily. If the option is enabled as part of your Constant Contact Setup, a Workflow will be created for the Record to call attention to the new Opted Out status.

Contact Info Auto-Sync

Once a Person in AE CRM is linked to a CC Contact, any changes made in the CRM to that Person’s contact information will automatically update in Constant Contact, provided that option is enabled as part of your Constant Contact Setup. This only works for changes made in the CRM. Changes made to a CC Contact will not be reflected automatically in AE CRM.

Adding New Clients

New clients should be added first in AE CRM. Create the appropriate Record and Person, ensure the Person has at least a primary email address, and then use the Send to Constant Contact tool described in Synchronizing and Linking Client Lists to create an entry in Constant Contact and link the them.

Record Summary Indicators

The status of a Person’s link to Constant Contact will show in the Person Summary card of the Record Summary area:

Persons that have never been linked to Constant Contact will not show either status.

The status will also be reflected in the new Grid columns described below.

New Grid Columns

From the Grid Column Chooser , three new columns are available to add to your Record Workspace:

  • Constant Contact Linked to: Indicates which Persons on the Record are actively linked to Constant Contact. It will display either blank, Person 1, Person 2, or Both Persons.
  • Constant Contact Person 1 Opted Out: A check box indicating if the Person 1 on the Record has opted out of Constant Contact communication.
  • Constant Contact Person 2 Opted Out: A check box indicating if the Person 2 on the Record has opted out of Constant Contact communication.

Updating Mailing Lists

You can add members to your Constant Contact email lists directly from within AE CRM by using the Sent to Constant Contact tool from the Record Workspace. The list you wish to modify must already exist in Constant Contact.

From the Record Workspace, select the Records containing the Persons you want to add to a mailing list in Constant Contact. After your Records are selected, click Tools > Send to Constant Contact, specify the email lists you want to send the persons to, and select whether to send Person 1, Person 2, or both.

Once you send the Persons, a results screen will show you the success or failure of the updates.

This can also be performed for individual Persons one at a time by navigating to the Integrations > Constant Contact section of a Record.

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