Constant Contact: Synchronizing and Linking Client Lists

Constant Contact: Synchronizing and Linking Client Lists

Once your AdvisorEngine CRM and Constant Contact accounts are linked through the Initial Setup you can begin to bring the two client lists into sync and link together the Persons on the CRM side with the Contacts from Constant Contact.

This process takes place over three main phases:

  1. Link entries that already exist in both databases.
  2. Create CRM Records and Persons for Contacts that currently exist only in Constant Contact.
  3. Create CC Contacts for Persons that currently exist only in AE CRM.
To ensure the best experience syncing contact info to Constant Contact, run the Primary Contact Info Report and act on any results before synchronizing.

This help article will walk you through these three phases in order below.

Linking CRM Persons to CC Contacts (Phases 1 and 2)

If you have enabled the integration but do not see any of the Constant Contact controls below, have your AE CRM Admin check Feature Security settings to ensure you have access to Record Details > Show Constant Contact Control.


Running this matching the first time may have a significant impact on the performance of AE CRM. We recommend running this during off hours when the system is not in heavy use by your firm.
  1. Starting from the AE CRM site navigation bar, navigate to Import > Constant Contact Import and Match. Once the import and initial matching has been completed, you will receive a System Alert.
  2. Once you receive the System Alert, click Click here to see results on the alert to proceed.
  3. Any Persons in AE CRM that match a CC Contact by Primary Email Address or First Name and Last Name will be listed in the Automatically Matched Records tab. Review the list of matches. (Only CC Contacts that are part of an email list in Constant Contact will be considered for matching.)
    • You can remove an auto-match by clicking the Cancel command at the end of any row.
  4. Once you’ve reviewed the auto-matches, click the Records Not Automatically Matched tab. This will list all CC Contacts that AE CRM could not automatically match to Persons in the CRM.
  5. For any row that you have a CRM Person to match to, click the command to search for and match to the existing Person.
  6. For any row that does not have a CRM Person already in your database, click Add to create a new CRM Record for the CC Contact and automatically link the two. When importing a Person as a new Record:
    • The Record Name will be automatically generated as FirstName LastName. You may need to edit this to fit the conventions of your firm.
    • The Record will receive a Classification of Imported from Constant Contact (You can then easily identify these later with a Quick Search).
    • If you plan to use automatic email capture with the Outlook Add-in for the new Record, be sure to add the required client or email Classification.
  7. Once you have reviewed the matches in both tabs, click Import & Match. You will receive a system alert when the process is complete.

Creating CC Contacts for Persons in AE CRM

So far you’ve made sure that every CC Contact has a linked Person in AE CRM. The final step is to create CC Contacts for any Persons only listed in AE CRM that you would like in Constant Contact.

Test the export feature with one internal Record prior to a mass export. Default settings in Constant Contact may cause automated welcome messages or similar issues when adding a contact. Be sure the behavior is what you intend and expect by performing a test export.
  1. Navigate to the Records Workspace.
  2. Select any Records with Persons that you want to create CC Contacts for. You can select as many Records as you like; existing linked Persons will not be duplicated. New CC Contacts will only be created if the following conditions are met:
    • The Person has a valid primary email address.
    • The Person is not already linked to a CC Contact.
  3. Click Tools > Send to Constant Contact. The send options dialog will appear.
  4. Specify one or more Constant Contact distribution lists to include the selected Persons in.
  5. Use the checkboxes to select whether to send Person 1, Person 2, or both.
  6. Click Save. The results of the export will be displayed.

Scan the results carefully to see if any exports failed that you did not expect. The results window will explain the reason for any failure.

The above can also be performed for individual Persons one at a time by navigating to the Integrations > Constant Contact section of a Record. From there use the Create in Constant Contact option.

Staying in Sync

Once AE CRM and Constant Contact are in sync, use your CRM to keep your contacts up to date to ensure they remain in sync.

Be sure the Automatically Update... feature is enabled in your Constant Contact integration settings. Changes made to the contact information for any linked Person in your CRM database will automatically be made in Constant Contact as well.

If you have a new client, add the client in AE CRM first and use the Send to Constant Contact feature detailed above to push them to Constant Contact as well. Make this step part of your regular onboarding workflow.

Changes made to Contact Information in Constant Contact will NOT be reflected in AE CRM.

Going Further

Now that your integration is enabled and your contacts are in sync, take a look at the Constant Contact: Features Overview help topic for more information on continued use of the integration.

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