Version 3.1

Version 3.1

Release Date: 05/14/2016

Junxure Cloud Version 3.1 enhancements include more streamlined navigation features, additional security controls for documents, and the option to include Time of Day on Actions.


  • Expanded feature security to include document delete permission settings.
  • Firms now have the option to include Time of day on Action > Date Entered/Date Completed.
  • New “Return to Grid” functionality allows users to navigate back to grid view from a Record or Action detail, retaining filters, searches, and groupings.
  • Users will now see their last selected Record or Action highlighted upon return to grid view.
  • Correspond now contains default Document properties.

Issues Resolved

  • Minor issue with opening certain Actions from Actions grids.
  • Age calculation 1 day before birthdate.
  • User can now embed merged cells into Correspondence templates.
  • FYI system alerts now functioning properly.
  • Hyperlinks inside Asset Details will open correct URLs.
  • Users can add accounts that were previously deleted in Assets.
  • Warning message added for incorrect user credentials in Exchange.
  • Issue with Birthday tool pulling the incorrect address.
  • Users can filter the Recurring Actions grid using “In Between”.
  • Data mapping from Tamarac during Asset import now functions properly.
  • Corrected Firm Overall AUM algorithm.
  • System allows email addresses with more than 50 characters.
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