Version 4.0

Version 4.0

Release Date: 10/03/2017

Version 4.0 introduces a redesigned navigation experience and enhanced reporting features as well as increased system stability.

New Features

  • All new Junxure Cloud Site Navigation and Record Navigation.
  • Select only visible page of Grid rows with new Select Page option.
  • Customizable Record Quick Links allow quick navigation to your most-used Record sections.
  • Jump to Summary button in Record Details, allowing a quick glance at the Record Summary before returning to the original location.
  • Quick Info button in the Record Details toolbar, allowing a quick glance at the assigned team members of any Record.
  • Print Actions and Workflows. Select one or more Actions or an entire Workflow and print a report with all details, notes, and Record details.
  • Reply to or Forward Email directly from within Junxure Cloud.
  • New Pre-Built Report Selections. New reporting options, including a Comprehensive Record Summary, Time Spent, Comprehensive Contact Information, and Last Contact reports.

Issues Resolved

  • File extension now included when creating document from an Action.
  • Resolved hidden emails in Record Email list.
  • Merge Record Tool functions as expected.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication reflects appropriate enabled/disabled status.
  • All special characters now accepted in Correspondence Assistant email subject.
  • Correspondence history email list properly displays email recipients.
  • Proper notification of required fields when editing Contact Info > Mailing Addresses.
  • All address information saves properly when adding a new Record with address.
  • User fields no longer create duplicates under certain conditions.
  • View all of a Record's documents from the Global Document Workspace.
  • Tooltips in calendar view display correctly.
  • Age Person 1 available as criteria for Advanced Search of Assets.
  • Ctrl+J pulls user initials in all circumstances.
  • Ctrl+J stamp saves properly in Important Info, Billing Notes, or Account Review.
  • Security features for Document Workspace function as expected.
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