Version 4.4

Version 4.4

Release Date: 2/26/2018

Version 4.4 brings upgraded system infrastructure to enhance reliability and software efficiency.

Feature Changes

  • The Opportunity Status Report now allows up to 200 Opportunities to be selected for inclusion in the report.

Issues Resolved


  • Resolved a case where Action Summary expand and collapse controls had inconsistent behavior.

Records/Data Entry

  • Resolved a case where creating a new User Defined Field would result in duplicate entries.


  • Record Summary report displays Team Members in correct and consistent order.
  • Record Summary report no longer duplicates Date Became Client.
  • Record Summary report now displays headers for the Important Notes, Account Notes, and Billing Notes.
  • Age for Person 1 and Person 2 format correctly when Record Summary report is exported to PDF.
  • Duration in Days for Opportunity Sales Cycle Duration report is now calculated correctly.
  • Managed and Non-Managed Assets properly display on Dashboard.
  • All “Time” reports format date correctly in Internet Explorer.


  • “To” line properly filled when emailing multiple addresses from a single record.
  • Correspondence Assistant launches properly in Firefox browser.
  • Sending encrypted Fidelity PDF via email editor functions correctly.
  • Corrected an issue where a recipient list would not save when over 50 characters.
  • Tab stops in correspondence editor now display as expected when sent.


  • Fixed an issue where exporting to Excel from the Actions Workspace would have missing or no information.
  • Zip Codes correctly export to Excel from Records Workspace Grids.


  • Feature Security item “Show User Profile-Edit Control” now allows or prevents edits to user's personal profile as expected.
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