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            Deleting Records

            It is possible to delete Records in Junxure. However in many situations it is better to file or archive information rather than deleting it from your system. Rather than deletion, consider the following possibilites:

            • Is this Record no longer needed due to a marriage or other partnership?
            • Is this a duplicate Record?

            If so, consider using the Merge Record tool to pull together all the information into a single Record rather than deleting.

            • Is this an ex-client?
            • Is this a deceased client?
            • Is this a failed prospect?
            • Is this any other kind of Record that was active but no longer associated with the firm?

            If so, consider changing the Classification of the Record from Client to Ex-Client or something similar. It will remain in the database if historical data is needed (for an audit) but can easily be filtered from your daily work.

            Deleting a Record

            If none of the above is applicable, follow these steps to delete a Record.

            1. Navigate to the Record Summary of the Record Detail view.
            2. Click Edit Record.
            3. On the right end of the of the expanded gray panel, click Delete Record.
            4. Confirm the operation by clicking Delete Record in the pop-up.
            Updated: 29 Oct 2018 09:39 AM
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