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            Creating Mass Envelopes or Labels

            Envelopes or Labels for multiple Records can be created as part of Creating Mass Letters in Junxure, but the following process allows you to create Envelopes or Labels independent of any other communication.

            1. Navigate to the Records Workspace.
            2. Use the checkboxes to select the Records you wish to communicate with.
              • You can use Grid Features and Searches to create a recipient list, combined with the Select All feature to quickly communicate with a group having a common criteria.
            3. From the toolbar, choose Correspond > Envelope or Label Only. A Grid of intended recipients will appear.
            4. Verify the intended recipients in the Grid. Any you wish to not include can be unchecked.
              • All recipients without a Record Primary address will automatically be removed and flagged for your attention.
              • Recipients with the No Mail box checked will be automatically deselected and flagged for your attention.
            5. Select an envelope or label template from the drop-down list.
            6. Click Merge & Download. Your merged document will be downloaded through your web browser.
            Updated: 27 Feb 2019 03:59 AM
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