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            Meeting Monitor Report

            The Meeting Monitor Report provides an automated way to keep track of how often you want to meet with clients, when you last met, and when the next meeting will be due.

            The results of the Meeting Monitor Report are pulled from two parts of Junxure:

            • Meeting Frequency: Set in the Engagement section of a the Record Detail.
            • Completed “Meeting” Action: The most recent Action on the Record with an Action Type of Meeting. The Action must have Action Required.

            The Meeting Monitor Report will use these two pieces of information to calculate the results found in the Report.

            Access the Meeting Monitor Report from the Record Workspace of Junxure. From the toolbar, click Reports > Meeting Monitor.

            Special Fields

            • Last Meeting: The Completed Date of the last Action with a type of Meeting.
            • Next Scheduled: The Due Date of the next Action with a type of Meeting.
            • Meeting Frequency: Used to calculate the Next Due field from the Last Meeting.
            • Overdue: Marked if the Next Scheduled or Next Due date has passed.

            Here is an example of what this may look like:

            You can choose from one of three display options:

            • Show All Meetings: Displays all the Meetings for your clients
            • Show Only Overdue Meetings: Shows the Meetings that are Overdue
            • Show Meetings Due Within X Days: Shows the Meetings that are Due within a specified number of days.

            Once you have chosen your view option and, if desired, Searched or adjusted the Grid, you can generate a report of the Grid contents. Click Print as Report to see the Grid in a Report view and print if desired.

            Updated: 08 May 2019 10:52 PM
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