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            Adding New Users

            To add a new User to Junxure, you must have a free Junxure license.

            Adding a New User

            1. Navigate to Settings > User Profiles.
            2. Click +New User 1. The Enter User Information window will appear.
            3. In the Name & Details tab, enter the following required information:
              • Username: The email address for the new User.
              • First Name
              • Last Name
              • Role: Select closest match for the User’s role in your firm.
              • Active: Be sure to check this box to enable the new User.
            4. Enter any other details you would like here and in the Contact Information tab.
            5. Navigate to the Password tab.
            6. Create a temporary Password for the new User. The User will be prompted to change this password on first login.
            7. Click Save to commit your changes.
            8. Provide your new user the Username and Password you created so they can log in.

            1 If you do not see a New User button above the Grid, you will see a notice that you have no free licenses. See Managing Active Users and Licenses for more information.

            Updated: 24 Feb 2019 10:46 PM
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