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            Adding a New User

            To begin adding a new user to your firm, navigate to Settings > User Profiles.

            Click New User.

            If you are using your maximum number of licenses, the New User button will not be available. You will need to deactivate an existing User or contact Junxure Admin to purchase an additional license.

            The Enter User Information window appears.

            Fill in the Username, First Name, Last Name, and Role fields in the Name & Details tab. Username should be a valid email address for password recovery purposes.

            Select Active.

            Fill in any other relevant details and settings in both the Name & Details and Contact Information tabs.

            Navigate to the Password tab.

            Enter and confirm a temporary Password for the new User. Click Save.

            The new User is ready to log in with the specified email address and password.

            Updated: 30 Oct 2018 06:42 AM
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