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            User Profile: Name and Details

            To access the settings for your personal user account, click on the blue box at the top right of any screen in Junxure and select View Profile from the drop-down menu that appears.

            Under the Name and Details tab, click Edit in the upper-right corner to change your basic user profile information. After making any changes, be sure to click Save in the same location to commit your changes.

            Many of these fields will likely be set for you by your firm administrator and either can’t or shouldn’t be changed.

            • Office: Determines which physical office of the firm the user belongs to. This feature will affect which Records appear visible to the user.
            • Username: The email address used to log in to Junxure. This is also the primary email address used for communication.
            • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Birth Date: Basic personal information.
            • Locked out for log in attempt failures: This box will be checked if the user has hit the limit of five bad password attempts. Unchecking this box will allow the user to attempt to log in again or change their password.
            • Picture: A photo of the user may be uploaded from a local drive here.
            • Hire Date: Date the user began working for the firm.
            • Title: The user’s job title.
            • Role: A required field indicating the user’s primary role (or closest match) at the firm.
            • Active: If this box is checked, the user can log in and use Junxure. Each active user requires one Junxure license.
            • Show on Advisor List: If this box is checked, user is considered an advisor in the firm and will show in the relevant Record-level fields. Uncheck this box if the user requires access with Junxure but does not interact with clients on an advisor level.
            • FirmID: An internal code used by Junxure that cannot be changed.
            • Administrative User: User has full access rights to administrate other users in Junxure. This includes changing passwords, unlocking users, and controlling Multi-Factor Authentication phone resets. This is not the same as any Administrator User Group settings.
            • User Groups: A list of user groups that the user account is assigned to. A user may be assigned to an indefinite number of groups. Which groups a user belongs to will determine which rights and privileges a user has in Junxure on a cumulative basis (in other words, a user’s rights will be the combination of all the rights given to all groups assigned to the user).
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