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            User Defined Fields

            Though Junxure includes many areas to store data, that does not mean everything your firm needs is automatically included. However, you may expand what data you store in Junxure through the use of user defined fields.

            To access the user defined fields setup, navigate to Settings and click User Defined Fields.


            User defined fields occur in six different areas of Junxure, as shown by the blue tab bar across the top of the section. Select the area you wish to edit.


            To create a new field, click Add New Field. This will create a new row for you to define the field.


            Fill in the following items:

            • Fieldname: This is the label the field will have in Junxure for data entry and reporting.
            • DataType: What kind of data goes in this field. You can choose from the following:
              • Checkbox: Used for fields that are either true or false.
              • Combo: Create a drop-down-list style field. You can define the list options by clicking Edit Combo Items, which appears after selecting the combo type.
              • Currency
              • Date
              • Number
              • Placeholder: Creates a blank row in the user defined fields allowing you to visually group fields together. Use the sort column to define its location. The row will be entirely blank, what you enter for Fieldname will not appear.
              • Text
            • Sort: Use numbers to define the order that the fields will appear in Junxure. All user defined fields for that section will be listed in ascending numerical order based on this column.
            • Tip:
              Consider using 10s to set your sort order as pictured above. Doing so will allow you to easily insert new fields without having to edit the number of every existing field.

            When completed, click Add CommandAdd.png to save and activate the new field.

            Existing user defined fields can be edited or deleted by using the command buttons in the Commands column.

            Updated: 20 Aug 2018 02:52 AM
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