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            Constant Contact: Getting Started

            Junxure’s integration with Constant Contact allows you to keep your contact information consistent and synced from Junxure to Constant Contact. You will be able to maintain your contact information in Junxure and jump over to Constant Contact whenever you need to launch a campaign, knowing that the contact information is up to date. At the same time, in Junxure you will be able to keep an eye on who has opted out of emails and respect that choice when emailing from within Junxure.

            Enabling the Integration

            Constant Contact is linked to Junxure through one set of Constant Contact credentials. Before enabling the integration, select or create a user in Constant Contact that has full access to all clients and all mailing lists in your Constant Contact account. This will be used in step 3 below.

            1. In Junxure, navigate to Settings > Firm Profile > Firm Preferences.
            2. In the Integrations category, click Enable Constant Contact Integration. A new tab will open.
            3. You will be prompted for your Constant Contact credentials. Enter the Username and Password for the user profile mentioned above.
            4. Click Log In. You will be prompted to give JunxureCloud access to your Constant Contact account.
            5. Click Allow. You will be returned to Junxure with a success message. You can close the tab.

            Configuring the Integration

            Once the link is established, you are ready to set the configuration options in Firm Preferences.

            1. Navigate to Settings > Firm Profile > Firm Preferences if you are not already there.
            2. Click Edit.
            3. Click Setup on the Constant Contact edit the settings.

            Automatically Update...

            Check this box to automatically push changes made in Junxure to the linked CC Contact. Any changes to the Person’s primary contact info entries (whether that’s phone, address, or email) will be updated in the linked CC Contact. (Because the link is from Person in Junxure to Contact in Constant Contact, changes to the Record primary contact info will not affect Constant Contact.) For more information on Record vs Person contact information, see Records Overview and Contact Info Overview.

            In order for this feature to be active, you must also specify an Opted-Out Workflow (below).

            Opted-Out Workflow

            Click the link to select a Workflow Template that will be created automatically in Junxure whenever a CC Contact chooses to opt out of communication. You can change the selected Workflow Template later if you choose.

            The Workflow Template you select must have Action Required selected. (Be sure the Workflow Template is correctly assigned to a User or Team Member!)
            If you select a Workflow Template without Action Required selected, Junxure will not reflect the Opt Out change in any way.
            1. After you’ve adjusted the settings, click Save to close the settings window.
            2. Click Save in the upper-right of Firm Preferences page to commit your changes.

            Next Steps

            Now that your integration is enabled, you’re ready to begin Synchronizing Your Databases.

            Updated: 11 Mar 2019 06:53 AM
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